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ADR Danger Labels

ADR warning labels should be placed on a contrasting background or surrounded by a dashed or solid line. This line is not required if the warning label is placed on a contrasting substrate. The label should be in the shape of a square set at a 45° angle (diamond shape). The minimum dimensions should be 100 × 100 mm, and the minimum width of the border line inside the label forming the outline of the diamond should be 2 mm. The line inside the label should run parallel to the edges of the label, and the distance from the outer part of this line to the edge of the label should be 5 mm. In the upper half of the label, this line should have the same color as the symbol, and in the lower half of the label, it should have the same color as the class number or subclass number in the bottom corner. Depending on the size of the shipping piece, dimensions may be reduced, provided that symbols and other elements of the label remain clearly visible. All warning labels must be resistant to weather conditions, without showing significant loss of function. Symbols, text, and numbers should be clearly visible and durable, and must be applied in black color on all warning labels with certain exceptions. ADR (French: L’Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route) – an international convention concerning the road transport of dangerous goods and cargoes, drawn up in Geneva on September 30, 1957, and originally signed by 9 states. The ADR agreement's regulations are updated in a two-year cycle. In 2018, the agreement was in force in 50 countries. Since 2003, every company involved in the road transport of dangerous goods (transporter, receiving, and sending dangerous goods company) is required to cooperate with a safety advisor (“ADR advisor”). Their task is to assist in implementing the requirements imposed by the convention, preparing mandatory annual reports to the provincial governor, and introducing appropriate safety procedures and instructions.