Selfadhesive labels 110x120mm – ADR 9 – UN3091 Lithium Ion & Metal Battery Handling Mark


1 Roll = contains 500 Labels

Content1 roll = 500 labels
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A label sized 110x120mm made from self-adhesive paper with durable acrylic adhesive, protected with UV varnish against atmospheric conditions.

Customization is available upon request in the form of adding a telephone number.

In accordance with the special provision ADR 188: Shipments containing lithium cells or batteries must be marked with a label conforming to this specification. The label should include the UN number preceded by the letters “UN,” e.g., “UN 3090” for lithium metal cells or batteries or “UN 3480” for lithium-ion cells or batteries. If lithium cells or batteries are contained in or packed with equipment, the appropriate UN number preceded by “UN,” such as “UN 3091” or “UN 3481,” must be indicated. If the shipment contains lithium cells or batteries with different assigned UN numbers, all applicable UN numbers must be indicated on one or more labels.

Self-adhesive ADR labels in the 110×120 mm format are a key element of the safety system used in the transport of dangerous goods. Their application not only contributes to increased safety but is also a legal requirement, regulated by international and national regulations. These labels contain a series of information and symbols that allow for the quick and unambiguous identification of the type of hazard the transported product poses.

ADR labels are used to mark packages, vehicles, and large transport units carrying dangerous substances, in accordance with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). This agreement specifies uniform regulations regarding the classification of dangerous substances, requirements for packaging and vehicles, and procedures related to transport, including the requirement for using informational labels.

ADR labels feature markings that inform about the type of hazard a substance may pose. These include symbols indicating the type of danger (e.g., flammability, toxicity, corrosiveness), the identification number of the substance (UN Number), which allows for quick identification of the substance from the list of dangerous substances, and additional codes and information, such as instructions on how to proceed in case of an accident. The requirements for specific markings and their placement on the label are strictly defined by ADR, ensuring their uniformity and readability throughout Europe.

The use of ADR labels is mandatory not only for safety reasons but also due to legal regulations. Companies and individuals involved in the transport of dangerous goods must comply with ADR regulations to avoid legal sanctions, which can include financial penalties or even restrictions on conducting business. Therefore, choosing high-quality self-adhesive ADR labels, such as those in the 110×120 mm format, is key to ensuring compliance with regulations and transport safety.

These labels are designed with durability and resistance to external conditions in mind, such as temperature changes, humidity, or UV radiation, which is particularly important in the context of road transport. Made from high-quality materials, they ensure the preservation of readability and durability of markings throughout the transport period. Moreover, the self-adhesive layer provides easy and quick application on various types of packaging, significantly facilitating the process of preparing goods for transport.

In summary, self-adhesive ADR labels in the 110×120 mm format are an essential element of the safety system in the transport of dangerous goods. Their use not only increases the safety of all participants in the transport process but also fulfills legal requirements, which is crucial for the smoothness and efficiency of transport.

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